flame lily.jpgZimbabwe national flower, the Flame Lily is under threat once again as vendors in Harare have started illegally selling it.

The flame lily, is protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Authority Act and is only sold on a commercial basis by those who hold such licenses.


The flower is seasonal and is plentiful between December and March. It is in this period that cultivation, harvesting and selling of this protected flower is rife especially in Harare’s leafy suburbs. Illegal vendors usually pluck the flower from Domboshava and Marondera and sell them for $US8 a bouquet.

The National Parks and Wildlife Authority Public Relations Manager, Ms Caroline Washaya-Moyo, said the flower is only allowed to be sold by permit holders.

In Harare’s Borrowdale and surrounding g suburbs, the flower is plentiful as it is within reach from Domboshava. While vendors are making a killing during this time of the year, they have running battles with National Parks Authorities and are not willing to speak to journalists on where they source it.

Popularly known as Jongwe by most Zimbabweans, the flower strikes many people due to its pinkish red petals and is under threat as poachers uproot it conforming  its extinction sooner than expected.