Five ambassadors from China, Qatar, Indonesia, Thailand and Portugal presented their credentials to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare this Thursday, committing to work hard towards strengthening existing strong political and economic ties with Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean story continues to captivate the world, with all five ambassadors who presented their credentials Cde Mnangagwa stating unequivocally that their nations are eager to play their part in the unfolding story of economic development under the new dispensation.

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Gao Shaochun said Beijing is keen to see the comprehensive strategic partnership flourish, while Abdulla al-Jaber of Qatar, the nation that hosted the President in Doha last year, said they wants to consummate the numerous commitments made during that historic visit.


The Indonesian Ambassador, Dewa Juniarta said his country is indebted to Zimbabwe for its support in its bid to be a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and intends to build on that for bigger relations in politics and trade.

Komate Kamalanavin of Thailand, which has enjoyed cordial relations with zimbabwe for the past 34 years, and Miguel Velozo of Portugal expressed willingness to escalate trade relations with Harare.

Since its advent, the new dispensation has been unrelenting in its diplomatic offensive to strengthen existing ties with other countries, while reengaging those with whom it has not been enjoying warm relations.

Recently, the country hosted Botswana and South Africa for Bi-National Commissions (BNCs).