poachers.jpgThe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has arrested 5 fish poachers at Lake Chivero in an operation that is aimed at curbing poaching which is threatening the fishing industry.

The National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Public Relations Manager, Ms Caroline Washaya Moyo said the authority has stepped up efforts to curb the illegal fishing practices at Lake Chivero.

She called on the public to report cases of alleged corrupt activities by some of the authority’s employees who are receiving bribes from poachers.

Some fisherman at the lake blamed poaching on the high fees charged by the parks authority to fisherman, while some expressed concern at the registration of too many fisheries at the lake.

“The money charged is too high, there is nothing people can do because they really need fish,” said one fisherman.

The authority has this year arrested over 2 000 poachers, impounded 2 vehicles, 226 boats and 48 bicycles used by poachers, while 8 400 kg of fish were seized.