lobola cast.jpgA local feature film production, Lobola has been shot on High Definition, making it the first Zimbabwean feature length film to be shot on digital format.


Lobola is a story of a cosmopolitan young man, Sean Muza, played by Munya Chidzonga, who is currently taking part in the Big Brother Africa. After a fight with his father (played by Joe Pike), Muza connives with his two brothers to come back to Zimbabwe. 


The situation takes a new twist when he accidentally stumbles on secret information which his father had been keeping, leading Sean to make a rushed decision to prove his father wrong.


lobola producer rufaro kaseke.jpgProducer Rufaro Kaseke says the film was shot on High Definition in Chitungwiza and Harare.


“Sean then finds himself on a quest to plan and go through the process of paying Dowry (lobola) in a single day, for Christine, played by Dalma Chiwereva whom he has known for only one month, without a clue of how to go about it,” said Rufaro Kaseke.


The screen play was adapted from a short film with the same title, Lobola, which was done in 2006 written and directed by Joe Njagu. The soundtrack was written and performed by Leonard Mapfumo.


“The feature film was shot for 14 days and was edited by Tawanda Gandiya of Mighty Movies. My experience as a director goes back to the days of Bitter Pill- a Ben Mahaka film and this time I cannot wait to share my wildest dreams,” said Njagu.


Mapfumo said “This is my second sound track and I am happy that more and more films makers are consulting me for their movies.”


The production of the film was made possible through the participation of several film makers from Zimbabwe.


The film is set to be premiered in Zimbabwe next month and thereafter on international festivals in Berlin, Germany, Torino in Italy and the Zimbabwe International Film Festival.