The First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has secured drugs for cancer and HIV from friends of the Angel of Hope Foundation in China.

The First Lady, who has been advocating for improved health delivery in Zimbabwe, toured a drug manufacturing company in Lieling Province.

The drugs worth nearly US$300 000 (2 million rmb) are immune boosters for cancer and HIV patients.

The First Lady through her Angel of Hope Foundation has been working with a number of local and international partners in trying to improve health delivery system in the country.

The Chinese drug manufacturing company is one of the latest friends secured by Angel of Hope that has hid to the call by the First Lady by donating the drugs.

Cde Mnangagwa said she will continue to look for sustainable partnership to ensure patients get access to treatment.

Representatives of the drug manufacturing company said they are already supplying other African countries and are kin to see Zimbabwe opening a drug manufacturing company.

The First Lady was in China upon the invitation by the First Lady of China who wanted to understand the progress made in eliminating HIV in Africa.

In Zimbabwe, efforts have been made in eliminating cancer and HIV and AIDS, with thousands having already benefited from the free cervical and breast cancer screening programme as well as AIDS prevention programmes pioneered by the First Lady.