Stigmatisation against infertile couples is a vice that continues to devour the country’s social fabric leaving deep wounds on those affected.

The sound of a crying baby is a lived dream for every couple but for these men and women it’s a dream they continue to hope will be fulfilled.

Esther has been married for 15 years but the thought of holding her own child has all but become a broken dream.

Society looks at their situation with disdain and suspicion, with number of myths still rife in relation to infertile couples.

They have cried for too long and their tears have dropped at the feet of the First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa who has now looked up to ease their burden by providing an ear and  shoulder to their plight.

A shared problem is the first step to healing.

Society may have a gap to understand their situation but they will find comfort in that they have a motherly figure ready to respond to their every need, soothe and wipe away their tears.