Lack of cohesion among leadership in organisations representing people with disabilities has been cited as a stumbling block in coming up with comprehensive solutions for this community.

The meeting with First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa who was accompanied by Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Dr Sekai Nzenza has opened better avenues to bring positive changes to the perennial challenges of people living with disability.

“We are happy to have met with the First Lady and we believe our problems are going to be addressed. She has been working with the vulnerable and we are happy to have been recognised in such a manner,” said a disabled individual to ZBC News.

The national disability issues advisor, Senator Joshua Malinga applauded the First Lady’s commitment in assisting the people living with disabilities.

“The First Lady is very much concerned about the people’s needs and they are happy that she is pushing for development,” said Senator Malinga.

Dr Nzenza said government will be guided by section 83 of the Constitution in addressing concerns of people with disabilities.

“As government, we are doing our best in coming up with policies that address the concerns of all people with disabilities. Our constitution is very clear about it and we are working on a policy framework to ensure it is implemented,” said Dr Nzenza.

Meanwhile, the First Lady pledged continued support to people with disabilities to ensure that they get equal access to opportunities and resources.

“Let us work together and come up with one leadership in order to speak with one voice. The new government is committed to improving your welfare and I am also pledging my support to you as one of the vulnerable communities,” said the First Lady.

Section 83 of the Constitution provides that the state must take appropriate measure within its limits of resources available to it to ensure that persons with disabilities realise their full mental and physical potential.