industrial.jpgThe local industry will be shutting its doors for the traditional festive season even at a time when the sector is operating below capacity.

With the festive mood already in the air, most firms both in the public and private sector will temporarily stop operations to pave way for the traditional festive season break.

While the annual shutdown is meant to give employees some deserved rest, observers feel that with the local industry still operating below capacity as evidenced by low levels of around 20% in sectors such as clothing and textile, there is need to revisit the tradition.

Economic analyst Mr Simon Takainga said given the operational challenges facing industry including obsolete equipment and low levels of capacity utilisation, there is need for industry to do away with long festive breaks and consider maximising production.

In the past, the periods after the Christmas holiday is usually characterised by shortages of some basic commodities as manufacturers of the commodities would have closed doors for the festive season and fail to meet the demand that follows the post festive season period.

Overall capacity utilisation on the local industry is on a steady increase and stood at 57,2% as of the first half of the year compared to 43,7% last year.