Employers have assured government companies will resume full business operations next year after the annual festive season shutdown period which has already started.

The past few years have seen most companies fully closing operations after the annual shutdown, however there is optimism the new political dispensation in Zimbabwe has what it takes for companies to continue operating.

Most companies will be resuming operations in 2018 on the back of confidence building measures announced by the new government, said Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ) president Mr Matthew Chimbwanda.

“Most companies will be reopening we do not have any imminent closures,” he said.

Several firms had in the past few years been either notifying staff or workers about their decision not to resume operations the following year after the festive or annual shutdown periods citing uncertainties, difficult operating conditions, lack of policy clarity, economic risks among other problems.

The trend resulted in job losses as well as a shrinking revenue generation base for the Treasury.