Zimbabwe’s public quoted companies are rushing to finalise their full year to December 2018 audited financials ahead of their release to the public in March this year.

The majority of Zimbabwe’s public quoted companies have full year financials which end by December 31 of any particular trading year.

However, in line with regulatory authority requirements and to protect the interest of shareholders, the full year financials to December should be made public by March of the following year.

With most of the firms being understood to be finalising their audited financial statements, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer Mr Martin Matanda says the move is being made in line with global best practices.

“The move is being made to protect the interest of the trading public in light of global systems that also focus on the need to increase viability of returns,” said Mr Matanda.

Market observers are therefore being also expected to assess how the companies have performed, focus on future business projects, highlights on profits, declaration of dividends to investors among other issues.