A fire incident that resulted in two huts being razed down at Guta  raJehovah Shrine in Zvimba has worsened relations between two feuding sides that share the same  premises within the shrine.

A fire that broke out during a rainy day reduced two huts to ashes at the Guta raJehovah Religious Shrine but one factional group at the shrine is ruling out lightning as the cause of the mishap, suspecting foul play.

Mr Thomson Manhenga and his fellow leader of one of the factions at the church said the huts were struck by lightning as they were burnt down in the midst of a thunderstorm.

However, the other faction that stays at the western end of the shrine is adamant the fire incident was an act of arson and further claimed that explosives could have been used to start the fire given some pillars were thrown out of the main structures.

The group is also questioning why some nearby trees which are taller than the huts were left unscathed if the cause of the fire was lightning, which is believed to usually target the tallest objects.

The feud rages on and the matter has since been reported to police.