court.jpgLegal experts have called for the revision of fines imposed on offenders, saying the country’s legal system has failed to deter crime.

The experts say the penal system is too lenient to offenders to the extent that would be law breakers actually prefer committing an offense and then pay the fine later.

Legal expert, Mr Fortune Chasi said the fining schedule that is in existence has been rendered ineffective, adding that there is need for an urgent review.

The Criminal Law Codification Act of 2006 that brought together all crimes under one piece of legislation has section 280 that creates a schedule that puts crimes in levels from one to fourteen.

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) last year fined the Chitungwiza Municipality US$14 000 while Harare was fined US$15 000 for polluting the environment.

However, the amounts caused an uproar with environmentalists saying they were too low.

In 2011, a multinational oil giant, BP was fined US$25 billion for an oil leak that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

In South Africa, one pays 1 500 rands for disregarding traffic light signals but in Zimbabwe one can go after paying a paltry US$20.

Observers say it is cheaper for one to commit an offence than to adhere to the law in this country than in any other country.