Financial inclusion must encompass the rural communities who have long been excluded from banking services an issue that has impoverished the majority of the population.

The failure by banks to fully avail their services to rural communities remain an issue that has excluded them from accessing loans thus depriving them of the much needed capital for their economic empowerment projects.

However, the coming in of Homelink Finance Services is fast changing the situation as the rural communities can now access capital to empower themselves said Mr Desmond  Ali the Managing Director of Homelink Finance Services who was part of the team that was training chiefs from Matabeleland South Province on business management.

He said apart from availing funding to rural entrepreneurs, they have deployed financial advisors to train them on how to transform their economic dreams to bankable projects, saying failure to present good economic projects does not mean bankruptcy of business ideas.

Communal farmers and the small and medium scale entrepreneurs are perceived as the new major players in the economic revival matrix hence the need to capacitate them.