biti budget 2.jpgThe Finance and Appropriation Bill has sailed through the  Lower House of Assembly and will now be tabled for debate in the Upper House.


The Finance and Appropriation Bill that gives effect to the 2011 budget was finally passed by the Lower House of Assembly yesterday following an appeal by Finance Minister Tendai Biti, after legislators had sought amendments to the bill.

The development follows the refusal by members of the Lower House of Assembly to pass the 2011 budget as they wanted certain amendments, which include issues of their own welfare made first.

Minister Biti told members of the august house that failure to approve the 2011 budget would result in the collapse of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

In a bid to convince members of the House of Assembly to approve his budget without amendments, Minister Biti said cabinet and leaders of the GPA had already approved it.

This prompted the august house to pass the budget amid complaints the minister had forced them to do so.

However, the executive did not interfere with nor intervene in this process.

It is the Minister who made reference to the Executive and leaders of the GPA in order to push his budget through the Lower House of Assembly. The budget will now be considered by the Senate.