supermarket.jpgThe Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has called upon legislators to finalise the Consumer Rights law to bring the country in line with other states in the SADC region in terms of consumer protection.

CCZ’s call comes in the wake of a recent SADC meeting held in Botswana which aimed to enhance the protection of consumers in the region.

Zimbabwean consumers have had to contend with unfair practices and sub-standard goods due to the lack of a proper law which protects them from unscrupulous business people.

CCZ Executive Director, Ms Rosemary Siyachitema said there is need to expedite the passing of the Consumer Protection Bill into law as the current pieces of legislation in the country do not fully protect consumers.

South Africa is believed to be leading the region in terms of consumer protection after passing a law in April this year to shield consumers from a number of unfair and unethical business practices.