Television and film producers who underwent the training exercise in film production and script writing say they have been equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to produce quality content that could feed to new television channels expected to come once digitalisation migration is achieved.

Training exercise conducted by Zimbawe Film and Television School of Southern Africa (ZIFTESSA) supported by the ZimDigital migration project is in anticipation of a huge demand of content once digitalisation exercise is complete.

The excited producers said they found the training exercise very pertinent especially to them who have very little or no training in film and television production.

Director of ZIFTESSA, Dr Rino Zhuwarara said government has invested a lot in digitalisation and it would be an embarrassment if the country fails to produce quality local programmes.

Midlands provincial administrator, Mr Abiot Maronge further encouraged the producers to use knowledge acquired to tell the story behind the story.

With the Zimbabwe digitalisation programme on course there is anticipation of a huge demand for quality television content to feed to new television channels that are expected to be operational once the digitalisation exercise is complete.