nelson chamisa 22-08-10.jpgGovernment has completed the installation of a fibre optic cable project linking the country to Mozambique in a bid to ensure fast and reliable internet connectivity.

The installation of the fibre optic cable linking Zimbabwe to an undersea cable at Beira, Mozambique was completed two weeks ago at a cost of US$6,3 million.


Information Communication Technology Minister, Mr Nelson Chamisa said the project was wholly funded by the government, adding that another cable linking Beitbridge to an undersea optic cable in South Africa is expected to be completed at a cost of US$15 million.


“The government has completed the fibre optic cable lining from Harare to Mozambique in a bid to improve connectivity in the country. US$ 15 million will be directed towards the setting up of the cable linking Beitbridge as ICTS are the backbone of national development,” Minister Chamisa said.


With Zimbabwe joining the rest of the world in commemorating World Information Society Day on the 17th of this month, Minister Chamisa said the celebrations will be held at Jerera Growth point, adding that the rural setting is in line with this year’s theme.


“The commemorations will run under the theme, ‘better lives for communities in the rural area.’ This will ensure an increase in the uptake of information communication technology,” he added.


Zimbabwe is rated number 132 out of 138 countries in the world in terms of network readiness index, according to the World Economic Forum global information report for 2010 to 2011, but the rankings are disputed since the country has not released its own figures.