By Brian Mutembedza

The festive season is upon us and there are many things that happen during this time. Festive season is referred to as the period immediately leading up to Christmas and ending just after New Year. This is the time when families and friends meet and hold festivities. Many families in Zimbabwe value Christmas due to different reasons. To some, who are formerly employed, this time is peculiar to them in that it affords them the chance to rest from their busy duties at work.

Christians take this time to observe the birth of Jesus Christ according to their faith even though some disagree with the dates set to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Some sectors of Christianity, however, value the essence that at least there is a day to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth. People of different cultures and beliefs celebrate Christmas worldwide as a festive day and holiday with business people capitalising from the season to make more profits.

The reasons for Christmas and New Year are to celebrate life, to show gratitude and generosity as families and friends share presents during the holiday. Unfortunately for some, this time can be marred by unfortunate incidences if there is no diligence in deeds and speech. It is imperative to know that Christmas comes once in a year but there is life to live even after the festive season is gone.

Acting responsibly is crucial and it is of paramount importance that extreme caution be exercised to make sure that there is safety of self and that of neighbours too. Drinking and driving has never been encouraged, the two do not go hand in glove. Many lives have been lost due to road carnage in the run up to the festive season. We can play our part as responsible citizen on the roads by respecting the lives aboard our cars or on the bus which you drive.

Sometimes innocent souls are lost on the roads due to reckless driving done under the influence of alcohol. When drunk, do not drive, find someone to drive you home or hire a taxi. That can save you, your car and the people driving on the same road with you. Plan your journey ahead of time and know what time to leave home in order to avoid speeding on the road. Normally, it rains during the festive season and the roads are slippery.

When travelling to a faraway place or just away from home, it is important to ensure that your house is safe and secure. It is sometimes not safe to leave someone you do not even know manning your house only because you want to travel. Burglary cases rises during this time when many people travel for the holiday. In as much as you may want people to know that you are enjoying your time away from home, posting your family photos on social media may also expose you since everyone will be privy to your whereabouts.

Other people think that Christmas time brings with it is freedom to do whatever they like with their live. If not careful, it can turn out to be a time of regretting. It is essential to know that Christmas is like any other day hence wrong decisions made on that day can spoil the rest of life. It does not mean that what is done on that day is overlooked by the principles of life, what is sown on Christmas day can be reaped on a day which is not Christmas.

Even as there may be different ways of celebrating Christmas, we also have to visit the where the idea of the day is coming from. It is time commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who came to save mankind and to share His love. In essence, it is the time to take stock of our lives and see whether we are doing what fosters the good of our communities.

The wise men from the East came to see the baby Jesus with their gifts. Christmas has more to do with the sharing of gifts. It is also the time to remember our loved ones and just to be together sharing the few or abundance our blessings. As we do all that, we have to know that schools will open soon and there will be need for the payment of school fees. The clever people will always have fun after taking care of the priorities.