Fertiliser companies will this week meet government over the sector readiness to sustain requirements for the upcoming season on the back of an anticipated surge in demand of the commodity against limited hard cash.

Local fertiliser manufacturers estimate that a total of 600 000 tonnes of Compound D and Ammonium Nitrate are needed for a successful farming season.

To prepare for this projected supply production, Chemplex Corporation Limited Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr James Chingwende says the meeting will provide a platform for government to understand the viability challenges affecting the sector in achieving set targets.

“Like any other sector, we have not been spared of the challenges,” he said.

Another fertilisers producer Mr Steven Mollard says there is an anticipated surge in the demand of the commodity meaning adequate resources should be channelled to the manufacturing sector.

“A lot can be done to unlock value for the sector,” Mr Mollard said.

Zimbabwe is an agrarian economy and the recent introduction of command agriculture has added weight to its vision to restore its bread basket status for the region.