hands in cuffs.jpgThree suspected female rapists have been arrested in Gweru.

The suspects, who had 31 used condoms with semen, are in police custody and are assisting police with investigations.

The women were arrested in Lower Gweru when their vehicle, which was driven by a male identified as one of the women’s boyfriend, was involved in an accident which killed one person on the spot.

They have been identified as Rosemary Chakwizira (24), Sophie Nhokwara (26) and Netsai Nhokwara (24) all from Mkoba 4, Gweru.

When the ladies heard about the accident, they panicked and rushed to the scene of the accident where they pleaded with the police to allow them to collect the used condoms which were stashed in the boot of the car.

Their plea raised police suspicions that the women might be connected with female rapists leading to their arrest.

Meanwhile, Officer Commanding Midlands Province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charles Makono has appealed to those who fell victim to these women to go for an identification parade.