phillip-chiyangwa 04.04.11.jpgAffirmative Action Group (AAG) founding president, Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa, says his organisation is choosing a new executive headed by a female president, in a move which he says is expected to put an end to the leadership problems which have rocked the pressure group.

Mr. Chiyangwa was speaking to ZBC News during the organisation’s board meeting. He said a new executive headed by a female president will soon be ushered into office, adding that the move will be historic since the group has been led by men since its formation.

Mr. Chiyangwa says his organisation is not happy with the imbalance in the economic share and promised that he will help indigenous people in having access to the country’s resources, a move that the new executive is expected to address.

Under the current AAG constitution, the sitting president has powers to appoint a successor.

Chiyangwa, who is the founding president, took over the leadership of the AAG after a vote of provincial leaders passed a vote of no confidence in the Supa Mandiwanzira-led national executive.