The late Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo

Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has described the late Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo as a top liberator and a peacemaker whose ways must be honoured and emulated if the country is to be successful.

In giving his keynote address during a dinner organised to celebrate the formation of the Joshua Nkomo Legacy Foundation which coincided with the unveiling of the Joshua Nkomo Tourism Heritage Trail on the sidelines of the ongoing Sanganai/Hlanganani Tourism Expo, Vice President Chiwenga, spoke of the need to maintain peace in the country while noting that the example of the late Father Zimbabwe was the best to emulate.

 “We have never stopped thinking on how to play a part to honour our great leader, Dr Nkomo. Therefore, we set out a path to participate and contribute to his legacy restoration programme. As you may recall, I delivered the Joshua Nkomo lecture at the UZ in June this year. There is still a vast untold story of Father Zimbabwe. As leadership, we have cautioned that peace will not come until together as people we recognize fully and acknowledge the role played by Father Zimbabwe and other heroes and heroines in liberating and developing this country,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

Vice President Chiwenga also said Dr Nkomo’s legacy was ever towards creating a better life for all and went on to call for the setting up of more sites to honour the country’s late liberation icon.

“We are committed to facilitating the growth of these celebrations and we would like to see a bigger historic site – perhaps the Joshua Nkomo Square to inspire the youth of our country. This would remand those of us who walked the road with Dr Nkomo for the deep footprints made on the African soil by this great man. We are committed to the Joshua Nkomo Legacy Restoration Programme starting with the erection of statues here in Bulawayo, Harare and many other significant sites. However, erection of the statues is just the beginning. We must always make sure their maintenance is top priority to facilitate enjoyment by both local and international tourists,” he added.

Dr Joshua Nkomo’s statue erected in Bulawayo’s CBD

The Dr Joshua Nkomo Tourism Heritage Trail will see different sites such as his Matsheumhlope and Phelandaba homes, including the family homestead in Kezi being tourist centres where visitors can learn more about the life and works of Dr Joshua Nkomo.