People of Pickstone Mine in ward 25 of Chegutu West constituency were in jubilant mood this Monday (yesterday) following the official opening of a local clinic by the sitting Member of Parliament Mr Dexter Nduna helping to bring health services to their doorsteps.

The determination by the Zanu PF government to offer basic social services to the marginalised rural communities was clearly demonstrated following the official opening of a Farnum Clinic in ward 25 of Chegutu West constituency by Mr Nduna who also urged residents of the ward to vote for the ruling party in the forthcoming harmonised elections if they are to get similar services in the future.

Members of the community expressed their joy at this show of gratitude as they used to walk long distances to seek health services.

The aspiring councillor for ward 25 Mr Never Moyo promised to spearhead developmental projects in the area if elected into office.

Many rural communities such as these have been neglected in the past and it is through bringing these basic social services to them which will ensure that  the goal of uplifting the living standards of all Zimbabweans is achieved as enshrined in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 2030 vision.