crocodil.jpgA local crocodile farmer has urged other farmers to exploit the lucrative export market of crocodile products to the European and Asian markets by participating in the industry seriously.

Indigenous farmers are now making their mark in the crocodile farming industry, a sector that was once dominated by white commercial farmers.

One of the black farmers running a successful crocodile rearing project in Hurungwe East Constituency, Cde Sarah Mahoka, says crocodile farming is a lucrative foreign currency earner. 

She expressed the need for the few local farmers who have embarked in the business to adopt improved farming practices in order to provide the best quality of both the reptile skin and meat for the market.

Cde Mahoka however said very little has been done about the requirements for commercial farming of the reptile, hence the need for government to encourage a structured crocodile farming industry.

The commercial breeding of crocodiles has come into existence due to the demand for good quality crocodile leather.
At the same time, it is a way of protecting the crocodile from extinction.

The crocodile meat industry is a very profitable export industry with demand coming mostly from China and the rest being distributed among the Asian countries.

It is considered a delicacy for high class dining.