tobaco.jpgTobacco farmers have been urged to desist from growing barley tobacco if it is not on contract basis to avoid incurring unnecessary losses.

Burley tobacco farmers have gone for more than a month holding on to their crop with no buyer coming aboard.

Zimbabwe Progressive Tobacco Farmers’ Union Chief Executive Officer, Mr Davet Muzwidzwa said the situation that is prevailing at the moment clearly shows that the crop no longer has a market in the country due to the mass productions of the same crop in neighboring Malawi where it is sold at a lower price.

“The market for burley tobacco in the country has drastically fallen and farmers should desist from growing the crop if not on contract basis,” Mr Muzwidza said.

The tradition has been that tobacco buyers will only be contracted when the crop is ready for sale.

However, this has not been the case this season following the failure by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) to find any prospective buyers for burley tobacco.

Meanwhile, farmers’ representatives have been castigated for their failure to alert farmers on the changing trends in the marketing of burley tobacco.