Farmers have been urged to venture into growing chia, a new cash crop introduced in the country. 

The introduction of chia is expected to benefit thousands of farmers especially tobacco farmers who can grow it alongside the golden leaf.

An expert in the growing of chia crop Edmnud Rous says the crop which originated from South Korea has been successfully tried through demo plot in the country and farmers can take advantage of the new cash crop which can give them high rewards to supplement their traditional crops.

The crop is of an organic nature and requires only compost manure to achieve good yields which is an advantage to the farmers said chia Agritex officer Tendai Muniya.

The new cash crop has a ready market in the country and is on high demand on the export market noted a marketing expert Alex Vokoto.

Chia has been grown successfully in some African countries and prospects are high that Zimbabwe due to its rich soils can grow it in a big way and eventually open a processing plant to extract oil and cosmetics which are some of the chia by-products.