horticultural produce.jpgA Horticultural firm based in Kenya says Zimbabwean farmers should embark on farming projects that entice financial institutions to support the sector for the success of the country’s land reform programme.

The country’s agricultural sector has been faced with a number of challenges chief among them the unavailability of long term funding for the growth of the sector.

However, there have been signs of growth as was registered in 2010 when a 33% growth was recorded.

In a bid to unlock funding from financial institutions, stakeholders in the agricultural sector converged in the capital last week with Kenyan delegates imploring farmers to be pro-active for the growth of the sector.

In an interview, Kenya Horticultural Crops Development Authority Managing Director, Dr Alfred Serem said for the success of the country’s land reform programme, farmers should embark on projects that lure financial institutions into funding the sector.

In Kenya, financial institutions are stampeding to fund the agricultural sector which has less than 20% of land suitable for cultivation, while 80% of the workforce works in agro-processing.

Zimbabwe has recorded growth in the tobacco sector while other sectors are facing financial constraints, hence the call for professional practice among farmers to attract the much needed funding.