Agriculture experts say the government has to invest more in the production of diversified seed varieties especially small grains which are drought tolerant to combat climate change.

In an interview with the ZBC News on the sidelines of a global workshop conducted by Oxfam in collaboration with the Community Technology Development Organisation in Harare, principal director Agritex Mr Joseph Gondo said private sector players should chip in to assist government to produce more seed of all the crops especially small grains and short seasoned varieties to fight climate change.

Oxfam head of programmes Netherlands Mr Gerard Steehouwer and Community Technology Development Organisation director Mr Andrew Mushita noted that they have been working with communities in different parts of the country towards establishing farmer seed groups and farmer field schools to educate them on the importance of sowing certified seed varieties.

Participants from Peru, Nepal and Food and Agriculture Organisation also explained their farming strategies in their countries.

The week long workshop is being attended by more than 70 delegates from across the globe including civic societies and government officials.