seed.jpgFarmers, who benefited from the land reform programme, have been encouraged to take up seed production seriously as it has huge potential to enhance export earnings.

Seed production was once a preserve of a few minority whites and with the advent of the land reform programme, indigenous farmers are still to actively participate in the sector.

The farmers have since been called upon to venture into seed production which is lucrative and is critical in enhancing productivity.

Farmers in the Goromonzi area converged at Tyrone Estate for a field day, which was attended by seed houses to assess the implementation of various methods towards achieving high yields.

The success of the land reform programme is being felt across the country considering the current crop in the fields, which is set boost the country’s food security.

The once vibrant agriculture sector had been crippled by illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by western nations and as a result, Zimbabwe has, in previous years, been relying on the importation of seed maize from regional countries.