The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has urged all land users in Manicaland Province to prepare for the upcoming fire season by putting in place measures to ensure that no lives are lost.

The fire season runs from July 31 to October 31 and is usually characterised by dry vegetation, hot and windy conditions which are conducive for fire outbreaks.

It is against this background that EMA has intensified its awareness campaigns around Manicaland Province with the aim of minimising the destruction that can be caused by veld fires.

In an interview with ZBC News, EMA Manicaland Provincial Manager, Mr Kingstone Chitotombe said they have embarked on educational campaigns in the province to ensure that people, particularly farmers, prepare for the fire season.

“Our fire season starts on July 31 to October 31. So we are raising awareness among all our farmers to ensure that they put adequate pre-suppression measures. When I talk of pre-suppression measures, I am talking about fire guards, fire fighting committees and fire fighting equipment. We are also urging all land users to ensure that they are prepared for this fire season. Currently, the government has introduced command livestock, which is anchored on the abundance of our grasses. So basically what we are saying is that we need to support this program by ensuring that there are no fires out there,” he said.

Veld fires remain a challenge in the country and people are being urged to put in place adequate pre-suppression measures to ensure that the environment and its inhabitants are kept safe from environmental damages.