tobacco growers.jpgThe Tobacco Research Board says local farmers have the potential to enhance crop quality and yield by strict adherence to tested farming practices.


Speaking at a one-day Tobacco Business Conference in Harare, Tobacco Research Board Divisional Coordinator for the Crop Protection Division, Dr. Susan Dimbi said local research has shown that through best farming practices, tobacco farmers have the ability to generate high yields.

“It is very important for farmers to adhere to correct and consistent agronomic practices for land preparation, planting and chemical application,” said Dr. Dimbi.


Dimbi added that farmers should consult Agritex officers in their areas and other organisations such as the Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union for them to get information on best farming practices.

Cardinal Chartered Accountants Executive Director, Terrence Chikorowondo said the Tobacco Business Conference was aimed at harnessing the potential which farmers and industry have if they work together and plan on time while exhibitors pledged to continue supporting the industry.

“The industry has great potential and I believe it can surpass this season’s output, if we come together and support them.

Government recently proposed to decentralise the marketing of the golden leaf following many challenges faced by farmers during the current selling season.

The tobacco industry has experienced rapid growth which saw government revising the projected growth rate for agriculture this year from 10% to 18.8% in the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Statement.