silos.jpgThe US$30 million inputs support scheme has sparked outrage from farmers who visited Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots to access seed and fertilisers as they said the prices of US$28 to US$31 per 50kg bag of fertiliser being charged by government is not affordable. 

As the inputs secured by government under the US$30 million agricultural support facility began to trickle in at GMB depots countrywide, farmers who visited the depots to swap their grain deliveries with inputs have expressed dismay over the pricing system being used.

fertiliser 17.01.11.jpgAsked why the inputs are pegged at commercial prices, GMB Public Relations Manager, Mrs. Muriel Zemura referred the question to government.

Of major concern to farmers is that while others could access the inputs at the commercial price, what had happened to the US$45 million subsidised inputs scheme which the government approved to cushion farmers from the exorbitant prices being charged by inputs suppliers.

Under the subsidised scheme farmers are expected to access or swap their deliveries at US$15 per 50 kg bag of fertiliser.