The 2017/2018 agricultural season looks brighter with farmers in various parts busy tilling their land in preparation for distribution of command agriculture and the Presidential inputs by government.

The country’s agriculture state of preparedness is promising as farmers in various provinces gear up for the Presidential inputs and command agriculture resources to plant their maize crop and soyabean on time.

Buoyed by the success of being registered under the first phase of command last year, the farmers some who are ready to plant under irrigation could be seen tilling their land in anticipation of start of the rainy season soon.  

Most farmers with irrigation said they have completed land preparations and are ready to start planting once the process of inputs disbursement under command kicks off.

The inception of the specialised maize import substitution programme dubbed command agriculture improved the country’s maize production and enhanced national food security while on the other hand the Presidential Inputs Support Scheme has seen over 1.8 million families achieving food sufficiency at household level and surplus.