harare-magistrates-court.jpgA Harare man has appeared before a Harare magistrate facing charges of defrauding 3 farmers of 60 tonnes of maize and 15 tonnes of wheat all valued at about US$20 000.

Charges against the accused Revenge Miti of Glenview arose from an incident that occurred in October last year when it is alleged that he inserted a bogus advert in a local newspaper indicating that he was buying a tone of maize at US$250.

The state led by Mr Oscar Madhume alleges that on the first count, Harold Makororo, a farmer from Zhombe, fell victim to the advert and was prejudiced of  30 tonnes of maize valued at US$6 900.

On a separate incident, a Ruwa farmer is alleged to have been lured in the same manner and lost 30 tonnes of maize also valued at US$6 900.

The accused was arrested after a police report was made by another farmer who allegedly lost 15 tonnes of wheat valued at US$8 000.

Miti, who is also alleged to have absconded from court after being initially granted bail, was remanded in custody until continuation of trial on the 10th of March.