Farmers have been challenged to vaccinate their animals as a way of containing the high mortality rates which are a result of poor diseases control especially amongst communal farmers.

In the face of efforts to rebuild the national herd mortality rates due to common animal diseases like heart water, pulpy kidney, foot rot and abortion among others is a cause for concern to farmers and government given that animals are a national asset. 

It has been observed that most farmers do not have the capacity to detect animal diseases timely before manifestation resulting in the high mortality rates.

In an interview with the ZBC News, Dr Zolile Madlela a veterinarian, said diseases control remain the major challenge amongst farmers adding that investing in vaccines can sustain ranching.

She called on farmers to vaccinate their animals against major diseases like the lumpy skin and the foot and mouth which have led to the suspension of beef exports to the lucrative markets and affected the entire livestock value chain.