Farmers at Mlibizi Irrigation Scheme in Binga have commended the government`s command agriculture programme which will improve this year`s yields by a wide margin compared to the previous agricultural season.

The challenges that have been faced by Mlibizi Irrigation Scheme in the previous years have severely affected maize crop production.

The current agricultural season has become a turnaround for the irrigation scheme due to support which the farmers received from the government under the command agriculture programme.

The farmers grew maize on a 10 hectare piece of land under the programme and are now confident that come end of April, they will start harvesting.

According to Mlibizi Irrigation Scheme chairperson Mr Emmanuel Muleya, the condition of the crop is a strong assurance of food security compared to the previous years in which the irrigation scheme failed to harvest anything due to challenges with the water pump.

“We really appreciate this programme, if you remember last year we did not harvest anything because our pump was down so we could not use the irrigation system, but this year we have been lucky we had lots of rains and the pump is now working so we are now back on track,” he said.

The irrigation scheme has 38 members on a 19 hectare piece of land.

The farmers have already expressed interest in the wheat programme.

The command agriculture programme was introduced to improve food security in the country.