dairibord_logo.jpgFarmers have raised concern over the importation of milk from Malawi by a local dairy concern as the move is affecting local farmers competitive edge.

Local farmers have raised concern over local milk production company, Dairibord Holdings Limited, which they accuse of shunning local milk by resorting to importing milk from its subsidiary in Malawi.

The farmers feel the company maybe playing games of trying to reduce the local buying price using comparisons with Malawi where farmers are subsidised.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union Chief Economist, Mr. Prince Kuipa concurred with the farmers saying milk importation will derail efforts being made to resuscitate the local sector.

Dairibord’s Ching’ombe brand which is almost a look alike of the local Chimombe is being brought from Malawi.

Efforts to get an official comment from Dairibord Zimbabwe were fruitless.

However, sources from the company were under toning the situation saying it is only a business move where the company is exploring its export market.

Dairibord Malawi is a subsidiary of Dairibord Holdings Limited and was established in 1998 as a joint venture between the local company and the Malawian government which privatised its state enterprise.