winterwheat1.jpgWinter wheat cropping is set to hit a record low this coming season as preparations are in disarray and some farmers are threatening to boycott wheat, opting for better paying crops.

Farmers are said to be reluctant to grow wheat this season due to incessant power outages, lack of funding, low selling price of the crop as well as delays in payment by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

While farmers are supposed to be preparing their land for planting the winter wheat crop, most of them are said to be contemplating abandoning the crop in favour of other crops which bring in more returns.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) Executive Director, Mr Paul Zachariah says at the moment, nothing is going on in terms of winter wheat production and it is a major cause for concern.

He said morale has hit rock bottom and farmers are not inspired at all.

“Wheat farmers are dreading going back to their farms. April is the month for planting but currently nothing is happening,” he said.

Mr Zakariah said the viability of planting wheat is questionable and the relevant authorities need to relook at the price which is currently pegged at US$466 per tonne.

Last year, the winter wheat crop yields declined drastically as the estimated output failed to meet the set target.