commuter-omnibusess.jpgGovernment says the recent fare increase by commuter omnibus operators is unjustified and illegal.

The illegal hike has seen commuters in Harare paying US$1 per trip up from 50 cents or its R5 equivalent.

With commuters up in arms with commuter operators over the recent fare increase, government has castigated the operators saying the fare hike is illegal.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira said there is no justification whatsoever for the fare increase.

He directed commuter omnibus operators to revert to the R5 fare and to follow appropriate procedures if they want to increase fares.

“They just want to take advantage, this should stop forthwith. They know the procedures that are needed to follow if they want to effect changes,” said Mr. Pawadyira.

When ZBC News went around the city a cloud of uncertainty engulfed commuters who were thinking of their next move after realising they couldn’t  afford to go home.

Some had resorted to hitch hiking which is cheaper in order to go home early.

Commuters did not mince their words to express their disgruntlement with omnibus operators, saying the 100% increment is unbearable.

Others even called for the return of conventional buses.

“Commuter omnibus operators take us for granted, that dollar they are asking for should be able to take me to and from work. We are stranded where we will find the money to go home….,” said one Kuwadzana commuter.

The unscrupulous behaviour of commuter omnibus operators continues to haunt the city as they cause havoc in the CBD by parking, picking and dropping passengers anywhere.

They continue to be involved in running battles with law enforcement agents which at times put the lives of pedestrians and passengers at risk.