The African Women Film Makers Trust has recorded a documentary on family planning based on findings on a research done in Bikita on the challenges couples face in this regard.

The film was launched in Masvingo today.

The documentary which touches on family planning issues was created with the aim to bring out the various challenges that couples face when it comes to contraception methods.

The filming of the documentary was funded by the a non-governmental organisation Solirdamed.

The organisation’s project manager, Dr Floris Braat said the filming was done in Bikita adding that a lot of issues came to the fore during the interviews with communities.

Apart from women highlighting that they face challenges in acquiring contraceptives, in some instances their husbands are not willing to let them use them.

Dr Chido Matewa, the director of the Africa Women Film Makers Association said a significant number of domestic violence cases arise from issues of family planning when couples fail to agree.

While the documentary was launched in Masvingo the organisers said the project will be taken around the country to ensure they reach out to as much people as possible.