victoria-falls-.jpgThe Tourism and Hospitality industry is set to attract more tourists in the next 2 to 5 years, following the decision by the international travel agents to inlucde Zimbabwe in their 2012 vouchers.

A tour operator, Mr Ben Tessa who attended the international travel

meeting in Berlin Germany, confirmed the development saying it is an assurance that the tourism sector will be receiving more visitors as the brochures are prepared one year in advance.


He said this is due to the confidence the international community has developed as shown by the number of visitors who come to Victoria Falls where they experience the real Zimbabwean situation as opposed to relying on the negative publicity by the western media.

Zimbabwe was excluded from international tourism websites as a result of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the west.

Meanwhile, the resort town of Victoria Falls has already started receiving tourists ahead of the Easter holidays while some local hotels are fully booked for conferences.