The dreaded fall armyworm that affected maize yields last season is far from being contained and is already causing headaches for farmers in Chipinge.

Stillmeer farm manager, Mr Oscar Taguta said he has already spent an estimated $11000 on chemicals to conduct the first pest spray on his 150 hector maize field, and a second spray expected to balloon the costs to over twenty thousand dollars.

Another farmer farm manager, Mr Irvine Taguta of Hilderstroom, said the dilemma is increased by the fact that the control measures have all been experimental as they are still scouting for the most effective chemical to fight the pest.

Farmers have however been urged to maintain vigilant crop monitoring and report any signs of attack.

Zimbabwe is not the only country to be affected by fall armyworm, with Malawi recently declaring a state of crop disaster in 20 districts affected by the pest.