The fall armyworm is threatening 35 hectares of maize at Chivheri farm in Ward Four of Bindura rural area.

The resurfacing of the fall armyworm this agricultural season triggers memories of last year when some farmers spent the greater part of the season fighting the worms.

At Chivheri farm, people were busy scouting for the deadly worms as some parts of the farm have been heavily affected, threatening the realisation of expected yields.

Renowned farmer and businessman Mr Stephen Takawira who owns Chivheri farm said officials must come to the rescue as the speed at which the maize crop is being destroyed will affect yields.

Agritex provincial agronomist Mr Izah Jaidi said the outbreak of fall armyworm is a cause for concern as it increases the production costs for the crop considering the expensive nature of chemicals used for controlling the worms.

Zimbabwe witnessed tremendous improvement in maize yields last season which has been attributed to the command agriculture programme.

Failure to deal with fall armyworm might reduce production figures for this season, hence the need for stakeholders to come up with a holistic strategy in dealing with the pest which spreads rapidly and devours large tracts of maize in a short period of time.