armyworm2.jpgThe Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement has deployed a highly technical team in Mashonaland Central province to educate farmers on ways of fighting fall armyworm which is threatening maize yields for this season.

In a bid to intensify the fight against fall armyworm, the ministry’s team of officials met with farmers in Concession to impart knowledge regarding the fall armyworm.

Farmers expressed concern over the exorbitant prices of chemicals used in fighting armyworm, adding that the responsible authorities should come up with solutions.

The technical experts urged farmers to continue trying out all other chemicals recommended and urged them to maintain a strong monitoring presence to identify the worms early.

Farmers and agronomists have been finding it difficult to come up with an agreed chemical that eradicates the fall armyworm.

This season the fall armyworm has been detected early though issues to do with chemicals remains a challenge which can adversely affect yields.