Zimbabwe is currently experiencing extreme high temperatures which will continue to this Thursday according to the Meteorological (MET) Services Department.

The MET Department says the high temperatures are a result of low pressure moving over the southern parts of the sub continent which tend to draw a northerly airflow through the northern part of the country.

MET senior forecaster Mr James Ngoma explained the prevailing weather partners hinting extreme temperatures of over 30 OC will be felt in Harare while over 45OC will be recorded in Kariba and over 48 OC in Beitbridge.

This northerly air flow tends to be very hot emanating from the equator region but with the inter tropical convergence zone still being very distant they are very dry.

It therefore tends to warm up the atmosphere with very little to cause any significant cloud.

While the public has been advised not to expose themselves to the severe heat, these high temperatures are linked to the growing climate change phenomenon which has resulted in changing seasons, extreme weather patterns and many other trends that have left many in the developing world food insecure and always extending the begging bowls.

The high temperatures are expected to continue to tomorrow the 18th of this month.

With the scotching heat that Zimbabweans experienced in the last couple of days some sought shelter in shades, while others took refuge in water bodies in parts of the City of Harare.