rugby action 09-08-10.jpgThe SPAR Summer Series Sevens Rugby continued on Saturday at Harare Sports Club, with good crowds and action packed rugby being on display.


The teams’ performances were of a higher standard this weekend, as round 2 was a lot more of a closer contested than that of round 1.

During the day there were women’s games as well as the best 12 club teams from around the country all battling it out, as the sun came out at Harare Sports Club.

In the main club event however, the pool stages were completed with the top 4 teams going directly through to the semi finals.

In the first semi-final, the Maitland Warriors (Busters) showed off good skills and a very competitive nature at the breakdown to run the home team Harare Sports Club very close, in the end losing 14-7.


In the 2nd semi-final the Old Georgians team (Red-Seal Dragons) ensured they would not repeat the previous week’s semi-final exit by putting on a convincing performance against the Police.

The return of Justin Coles from the United Kingdom proved to be a valuable asset to the teams attacking abilities.

The final saw the 2 arch enemies of recent times locking horns, Harare Sports Club and the Red-Seal Dragons. Urged on by a vocal home crowd, Harare Sports Club started the game at a furious pace and was rewarded with a 14-0 lead at half time.

The Red-Seal Dragons, reversed the fortunes in the 2nd half however, and their retention of the possession tired the defences of the home team.

Leading into the last play of the game the 2 teams were level pegging with the score being 14-14.

The pressure of the 2nd half, however proved to be the difference as the Red-Seal Dragons scored under the posts to take the spoils of the 2nd leg of the SPAR Summer Series, winning 21-14.

The day was wrapped up with the training squad of the Goshawks being announced, who will train in preparation for the SPAR International 7s tournament on the 3rd and 4th of March.

The SPAR Summer Series stays at Harare Sports Club where the final leg of the February tournament is played next Saturday.

This promises to be another full day of extreme rugby  action as Zimbabwe 7s Rugby gear towards the much
Anticipated SPAR International 7s tournament on the 3rd and 4th of March.