elearning.jpgInformation communication technology experts say there is need for the country to fully exploit the ICT sector through attracting foreign direct investment which plays a critical role in achieving the envisaged growth rate of 9.3% this year.


The need for the full exploitation of the ICT sector emerged at the information communication technology conference in the capital dubbed “commercial innovation tour” which seeks to deliberate on new innovations within the areas of data centres, collaboration and borderless networks.

In an interview on the sidelines of the conference, Computer Society of Zimbabwe President, Mr Atwell Mukusha said there has been an increase in the uptake of information technologies in the country and this is critical in boosting economic growth.

The visiting CISCO manager, Mr Graham Porter said technological infrastructure is important towards attracting foreign direct investment, hence the need for stakeholders to be aware of new technologies available to enhance economic growth.

The information and communication sector has been lagging behind in the country with stakeholders embarking on the face lifting of infrastructure to improve linkages between nations.

Observers say connectivity challenges can be overcome in a few years time if efforts are put in place to improve speed with the setting up of fibre optic cables.