Experts have welcomed the promulgation of a DNA evidence legislation, saying it will transform the criminal justice system for the better.

DNA evidence has proven to be an established science that is useful in investigations, but in most cases, Zimbabwe has had to approach neighbouring countries like South Africa for DNA tests or forensic genetic analysis on suspected criminal cases, identification of unknown human remains and paternity tests.

Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day Law Development Commission Stakeholder Consultative Workshop on the proposed evidence bill, University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer, Professor Geoff Feltoe said the new bill will help speed up investigations in both criminal and civil matters.

The Director of Pathologist Services in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Maxwell Hove said capacitation of local institutions is the way to go in the implementation process.

The government is working towards developing a piece of legislation  to regulate the application of DNA evidence particularly in the investigation of crimes where DNA profiles will assist the criminal justice system.