chiefs 31-10-10.jpgTraditional leaders have called on the government to expedite the disbursement of inputs for the Zunde Ramambo programme, especially in the remote parts of the country.


While government fully supports the Zunde Ramambo programme, chiefs from the rural and remote parts of the country say they have not received critical inputs such as seed and fertiliser for this season and this will negatively affect production as the season is well underway.


Chief Shana of Hwange says his area is dry and planting early is critical for maximum productivity, hence the need for the timeous distribution of farm inputs.


“We need to plant early and so far, we have not received critical inputs and government should disburse them early,” Chief Shana said.


Chief Sinansengwe of Binga and Chief Nebire of Kariba also called on the relevant authorities to expedite the disbursement of the inputs.


“We have a situation in which we have already finished the tillage programme and we do not have the inputs,” said Chief Sinansengwe.


bags of fertilisers 2 -04-08-10.jpgChief Simuchembu of Gokwe called for more support for the programme as it is critical in ensuring food security in the country as well as for the support of vulnerable members of society.


“As traditional leaders, we have the mandate to look after the vulnerable members of society and this Zunde Ramambo programme requires full support,” Chief Simuchembu.


Government and SEEDCO last month launched a seed support programme for Zunde Ramambo for traditional leaders who were allocated 100 kilogrammes of seed, 10 kilogrammes of sorghum annually for the next 5 years.


The programme is expected to compliment the US$50 million government inputs programme for communal and resettlement areas.