Stakeholders from the country’s dry regions are calling on government to speed up the implementation of the proposed command livestock programme which has brought a wave of economic excitement as farmers look forward to start reaping the benefits.

The proposed command livestock farming has created hope that the country’s national herd is set to grow and farmers are already eagerly waiting its implementation.

Livestock farming is the main source of livelihood for many in Matabeleland North and South together with some parts of Midlands and Masvingo provinces.

Speaking to the ZBC News Chief Shana of Jambezi says enthusiasm has gripped farmers in the dry regions whose livestock was severely affected by drought, hence the implementation of command livestock will restore their family sustenance.

Chief Shana noted that people in the dry regions can only commercialise ranching, hence the enthusiasm by the ranching community to get government support to improve their farming activities.

The two provinces of Matabeleland North and South which are the country’s beef basket lost thousands of animals to drought and in the past years and are in dire need of support.

The livestock support can help in improving capacity utilisation in farms that were allocated to people during the land reform programme.

Farmers have indicated that they would appreciate loans to buy heifers and bulls to rebuild their herd.